Friday, August 05, 2011

Music in my life, throughout the years. pt. 3 [photo friday]

Sorry it took me this long to conclude this series. What a cliffhanger! If you didn't catch the other parts, look here 1 & 2. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

BUT, before I continue, I realized that I forgot one, with a really good story too!

- I remember going shopping with my mother at Kmart, and like any other kid, I always had to go home with something. Whatever it was, I talked my mother into it. This day was no different and I was parusing the music department. I was deciding on this album or "...And Justice For All" by Metallica. I didn't really know much about the Metallica album, but I recognized the cover from MTV. Not sure what it was that made me pick Warrant instead, but I did. And really, to this day, I'm not a Metallica fan.

I'm not sure of the total order of this...

- I remember memorizing the lyrics and singing a long. How tough was I?

- This was one of my earlier jazz memories aside from the Coltrane "Giant Steps" tape my dad from me. I think I received this as a gift. I seem to have some good memories of "Bicycle Built For Two."

Weezer _Blue Album_.jpg
- Who doesn't love Weezer? I remember my first experiences with this. Inside were instructions to receive the lyrics. You sent a SASE to a particular address and you'd get lyrics. I got them and they were totally DIY, on regular photocopier paper

- I'm sure we all have some strong memories of hearing Ten for the first time. I played it, A LOT. I still love this album.

- With songs like "Trigger Happy" how can you not love this??

- I think one of my cousins turned me on to this. I remember this was one of those where I put it in my walkman and I never took it out and listened to it everywhere I went. If only people knew what that chubby white teen was listening to while shopping for Christmas gifts

Public Enemy - Greatest Misses [Front].jpg
- This was one of my first memories of actually feeling like I couldn't play this in my bedroom. I was afraid of getting caught listening to this language. I sure as hell didn't speak this way. The artwork was enough to get me in trouble.

Ok.. I think I'm done. I may touch on some more albums that have affected me after this.

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