Tuesday, August 25, 2009

beardos and moostachios

So, first off, I've been bad at writing to this regularly. I wanted to start this as public diary of sorts. But maybe kinda Doogie Howser-ish. You know, how he used type his thoughts at the end of every episode? (searching for youtube video)...

anyhow... i'll do my best. put some comments on this damn thing!! maybe that'll encourage me.

So, if you don't know... I have a moustache and a beard. I think this is probably the longest I've had a moustache. It feels weird, it does. I think I kind of like it. I was urged to grow facial hair to match my shaved head. No one complains about it, so that must make it OK, right?

So... what do YOU think? I've been told that I should shave my head completely bald. I don't have the strength to do that, I don't think. I do know though, that with all of this, there is maintenance involved. Not sure if I dig that, but I'll get over it. Who's gonna grow a Hulihee?


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