Wednesday, December 01, 2010

How to Be Successful [interview w/ Steve Vai]

OK, some of you may view Steve Vai as an "over the top, too much, flamboyant" guitarist, while others view him as some kind of "guitar god". Either way, this man knows what he is doing, how he got there, and knows how to tell you to do the same. These words could be used for any passion. It doesn't have to be guitar.

  • Visualize your goal, perfectly and clearly. 
  • Realize your strengths and focus on them, ignore your weaknesses. 
  • Dedicate time for "practice" and for harnessing you strengths. 
  • When you get discouraged, go back to your goal and that vision. 
  • This is not work, this is something you love. 

[-slightly paraphrased]

Thanks to @guitarlifestyle -[LINK TO POST] for showing this to me.


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