Monday, November 29, 2010

I need my coffee... [monday morning - punk edition]

We all have those days where you NEED coffee. Everyday, I pretty much WANT coffee. I can definitely relate to the lyrics in both of these songs.

Here we have Lagwagon and The Descendents. My favorite line from the Lagwagon tune is "Here I come to save the day on legal speed (The American way)." My favorite lyric from the Descendents song is "I Don't Need No Booze Or Drugs I Just Chug-A-Lug-O My Coffee Mug."

Please watch, listen, & enjoy these punk songs about our favorite beverage. :-) - jdm

What is your favorite beverage song? I can think of a few others.
- Six Pack Girls by NOFX
- Beer Bong by NOFX

...oops those are more punk songs. Help me out!


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