Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday's Truth (The Return of the Banana)

So... to catch up, read this ...

"...I realized that my stomach pains, that I was having daily, was from bananas."

I can eat bananas again, I think...

I ate 2 bananas yesterday, one via accident, the other on purpose. I was gonna steal my roommate's brown banana (sorry Rick), but when I went to take it off of his bushel, the neighboring banana ripped open. So now, my trying of 1 banana turned into I HAD TO EAT 2 OF THEM.

... anyhow, so I sliced one into my bran flakes and then ate separately.


A couple of weeks ago I also had some chocolate covered bananas and no pains.

So, maybe I can say that the pain is gone, or maybe it wasn't the bananas, but something inside of me, like a virus, that was causing the stomach pains, but were triggered by the bananas.

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