Monday, August 02, 2010

Tuesday's Truth (I love to drive & travel)

Truth is, I really love to travel, and I really love roadtrips.

I'm taking one this weekend, and maybe even next weekend. This weekend I'm going to San Francisco and the bay area with my lovely lady. We plan on seeing a lot of cool stuff like Alcatraz and eating some awesome food. And I haven't seen my cousin Lisa in a while, and she lives in San Jose with her super cool husband Dan and their new baby, Riley!

We leave Thursday morning and we're coming back Sunday. I keep looking at more and more things to do in SF and I get more and more excited. See here and here and here.

** I highly recommend, it's free to get going. It is as simple as asking a question, giving them some details, and you get a human response that was researched! Serious. Try it now.

One thing about roadtrips is music. You gotta, gotta, gotta have the right music. If it were just me, I'd crank it. But since I'm with the lady fair, I need to turn it down. She's a fan, but not that big of a fan. And we don't full agree on what is good music. I'll make/pick the playlists and she'll bend and kinda like them. I'm not really feeling like listening to musicals and such. That's how we roll.

Coming soon: Music Monday! Any thoughts as to what you'd like to read about? Let me know.

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