Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's Truth - I love KGMC & How I Got to Be There

Well, for this truth I decided to "let the cat out of the bag." I really, really, like my job and where I work. There, I said it. I'm sorry if you're jealous. Maybe your job isn't cool, maybe your boss isn't cool... I got all of the above.

I was incredibly lucky to fall into this. I've told this story a bunch of times, and I'll probably tell it a lot more times, but if I tell it here, maybe it'll cut out a few... so here goes.

Back in December of 2004, my friends and I were nearing our departure from Wisconsin, and in my head I wasn't really stressing, but I hadn't really figured out what I was going to do in CA for a job. Eric & Aaron had already begun to make phone calls to prospective jobs out in CA. Eric knew he was good at teaching guitar lessons and was thinking he might like to pursue that out in CA.

-Aaron reading Eric's map.

We had already figured out that we were going to move to Santa Clarita. The target was L.A., but didn't really want to live in L.A., so we found one of the safer, nicer areas near L.A. to call home. Eric happened upon KGMC in his search, but he wasn't moving 'til April. He was stuck in a lease in WI, and that was OK with George, Aaron and I. So, to better himself, Eric mentions me while on the phone with Dennis at KGMC. You know, I'm the one with the 5 years of retail music experience and a degree in music business. Somehow, thats a good "guilty by association." Anyhow, Dennis tells Eric to meet with him when he gets out here, but he really wants to talk to me!

I remember not being nervous. I think I talked to Dennis a couple of times on the phone before I left, and then once after I had arrived in California. He was comfortable and cool on the phone. Wanted to know what I what I know. So, we agreed that we'd hookup once I got out there. We met and then told me to come back in a few days once I had settled in.

I could go on for a while and tell you the whole story, but that wasn't the reason for this blog...

I love KGMC. I like our staff of excellent teachers. I like my co-workers and I like my boss. Every day is something new. Its often a challenge and its always something different. I get respect and I'm appreciated. These are all the things to make a happy employee. Thank you Dennis for giving me a chance.

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