Monday, March 21, 2011

altSCV - Hallorann review & interview [altscv] a.k.a. Published again.

For my latest article, I interviewed Hallorann. You may know these 2 guys as half of Sunday Flood. The record is great, and I encourage you all to check out their stuff by heading over to their facebook page,

If you're local, try to snag a copy of the latest altSCV, available at the Newstand, Brave New World, and Keyboard Galleria Music Center. If you're not so local, you can grab it online at the altSCV website,, I encourage you to read the whole thing, but if you're itchin' just to read the Hallorann piece, you can grab it here,

Be sure to check out the other issues as well. The writers are excellent, I feel so honored to be among these guys. Click on the graphic below and click on the "where to get" link on the right hand side of their site.


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