Friday, August 27, 2010

Vegan Bake Sale to Support ARME

Hey, I just read this on "MY VEGAN BLOG" and decided to just copy and past this. Go to it. Support them. Eat cookies. YUM YUM YUM! Vegan Bake Sale to Support ARME: "

This Sunday head on over to Locali for a vegan bake sale to support ARME. ARME has put together this event to help raise money for 2 beautiful pitbull sisters that need to be transported to a rescue in Canada. Please read their story here. Karma & Jezebel need our help to get them to a safe place where they will be able to find a forever home. And all we need to do is stuff our faces with vegan desserts! What a wonderful way to help out these adorable dogs.
There will be delicious vegan treats & sweets for sale made by Clara’s Cakes, Chef Tigre, Isabella’s, Hush Bakery and No Udder Desserts. ARME is also looking for vegan bakers to donate food as well so get on your oven mitts and start mixing up some animal friendly goodies!
If you cannot make it, but wish to help these beauties, please DONATE. No amount is too small! You can donate by clicking on the “Chip In” button on the right side of the page here. ARME is trying to raise $4000 for the trip so let’s help them get there!
What: ARME Vegan Bake Sale When: Sunday August 29th 9am – 6pm Where: Locali 5825 Franklin Ave Los Angeles, CA

Karma & Jezebel


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