Sunday, May 23, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Life is truly all about the simple pleasures. And we need to realize that and take a step back from all our stresses and just relax.

Sunday is my usual day of simple pleasures. Usually, I'll be getting up early and heading down to San Pedro with my girlfriend because she sings in a church choir down there. They rehearse before church which gives me plenty o' time to kill. I love to kill it by drinking coffee, Starbucks unfortunately, eating some Von's "Energy Bar" (kinda like a hearty, fruity, nutty bagel, but square and soft), and reading and listening to music while overlooking the San Pedro harbor. (insert crappy cell phone pics here)

I know this sounds a little bit boring for a Sunday morning, but it is something I love to do. I know she is happy, although tired and hungry, and I am content in reading.

Lately it has been this book of Anton Chekhov's short stories. I like the fact that I'm NOT sticking tons of time into one story. I know in 30 pages or so it'll be over and I can get onto the next one. And I also like the fact that he sometimes uses big words like perturbations.

And sometimes I'll eat an orange or a banana, but bananas are another blog that I have yet to write. We'll just call them "the love that we had to let go."

Usually Sundays contain a period where my sleepy, unrested girlfriend wants to take a nap. I'm ok with that. I know its our day together, but I know she is tired, and she is much happier and not cranky when she is rested, but aren't we all. So she naps and I do this. Or surf the web. Or listen to music. Or... all of the above.

Conversation that just happened:

Me: Time to wake up?
Girlfriend: ..umngh
Me: Its 10 after 5. Wanna go get coffee like you said?
GF: ... go..getitand...i cleanup
Me: what?
GF: ...gogetit.. and i cancleanup
ME: oh you want me to go get the coffee and bring it back? ok.
GF: and I can clean up.
ME: Still tired? You slept for 40 minutes.
GF: No. 10.
ME: It was actually like 37.
GF: No. 10. Or... I can just go back to sleep. Okbye.

Last sunday =

I love Sundays.

What are your simple pleasures? What day(s) do you love? What time of day do you love?


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