Monday, May 31, 2010

Interesting Weekend

So, it seems like it was a good weekend that went by at a decent pace and I'm going to comment about it all out of order. :-)

I worked yesterday, Sunday, which is not a common thing. We are only open on days like that and the Sundays in the month of December. It wasn't a full day and we sold some stuff. Bueno.

Saturday night I had a simple evening with my gal. We watched "TV" and ate pizza, Little Caesar's. Reno 911 is a great show. I think we also watched Glee and Cougartown. I'm not a regular watcher of those shows, but I don't mind seeing them. She is, and that's alright with me.

The other day, Susan, posted some links to Donnie Darko (The Tatami Mat 3.0: Donnie Darko - Mad World) and it got me thinking, I need to watch this movie again. Normally I would've put this off for a while, but she insisted that I do. So, I did. It seemed a whole lot clearer this time. I loved it. I stayed up too late, but I loved it.

Today is Memorial Day. I thank all of you that have served or are serving for our country. That is a tough job, to say the least. It takes a special person and there not enough of those around. I know I couldn't do it.

(Thanks to my Aunt Roxie for supplying the cartoons via an email she sent.)




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