Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things I'd Like to Review

I know I said I'd post every day. I didn't lie. I'm trying. I do have 2 posts in the hopper back at home that need to be edited and posted.

Just some things I'd like to review:
  • Pizza tastes good.
  • Ice cream tastes good.
  • My shaved head kinda feels like a butt or something.
My lovely lady doesn't really like how it feels and, in fact, might be creeped out by it.  I still dig it. As long as I don't cut it every time I shave it I think I'll be ok.

Today was a good day. We were busy at work and sold a couple of Taylors. Thats always a good feeling. One was a 110CE and the other was a Baby Taylor. Man, I love those guitars. They really all sound great. I haven't played a bad one yet.

I heard some good tunes on my ipod, well Angel's ipod, on the way down to LA. There is one that I want to post, but I can't find a good link for one.  Try this: Paper Route "Enemy Among Us. I really like that tune.

Hopefully that works. And then watch this video. I heard about these guys a year or so ago. They've been on my ipod ever since. They are called Broken West and the tune is called  "Perfect Games". Check it out.  I'll put up those 2 more blog pages tomorrow.


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