Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Even Tom Doesn't Use MySpace Anymore

Even Tom Doesn't Use MySpace Anymore: "

Tom Anderson, cofounder of MySpace who has served as the networking site's mascot throughout the ages, apparently is on the outs, TechCrunch reports. MySpace no longer assigns you Tom as your first friend when you sign up, and the man hasn't logged into the site in weeks.

From the TechCrunch story:

He lost his President title (now shared by Mike Jones and Jason Hirschhorn). And he is rarely seen in the office. Still, MySpace insiders said he was important to have around as a tie to the old days.

No more, it seems. Tom hasn’t actually signed in to MySpace since January 24, and his last status update was on Christmas day.

What role, if any, does MySpace play in your social life these days?

Tom Has Finally Reached His MySpace Friend Limit [TechCrunch]



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