Monday, September 07, 2009

randomables and a couple of links

i'm sorry it has been sooo long...

I guess I'm not diligent enough to do this thing. Maybe I'm not sure on what to do. Half of me says I should pick a theme and stick with it and just specialize. The other half of me says I should just use it as an online journal. That later half of me is winning. I don't get enough hits on this, so I'm gonna stick with the hodge podge of miscellany. Game on.

Random thought: Reality shows make me feel better about myself. Hoarders makes me feel REALLY FRICKIN' CLEAN!

Couple of sites to check out:

  • MetaCritic: Need to see what an online review said about your album, or maybe you want to see what all the reviews, if added up, what score they would get? Check this for movies, albums, etc. I scan the new albums list. If something new is rated pretty highly and I don't know about, I check it out.
  • Wotyougot: Cool new videos and leak-type information about new stuff. Funny commentary too.
  • PeopleofWalMart: All the cool things that you've ever seen when shopping at Wal-Mart, not items, THE PEOPLE!
  • DontJudgeMyHair: So, this site is so weird and creepy all at the same time. Weird people with weird hair, and yes there are some cool 80s hair pics too.

The next post, I think will be about my super duper smart shuffle for my Ipod. I got annoyed by my Ipod being biased and playing stuff numerous times while some tracks were never playing. I started searching and I found some stuff online and it got me thinking and I've tweaked it. I'll show you how to do this.

And I leave you with this random picture from my WI trip -


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