Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the diligence... or?

So... again I haven't been writing as much as I want to. Perhaps, I really don't have anything to say. I feel I do. I feel I have a wealth of knowledge within me and things to talk about, and perhaps, people to want to read about it. So... we'll see how it goes. Onward...


I haven't been listening to a ton of "new" music, but moreso more older music that I loved that I forgot about. Here's that list...

The new things I've been listening to are a mix of "old, but new to me" and actual new stuff.

I'm really digging the new Twilight Sad album. It feels like a good mix of a lot of things I like in music. The guitars are drenched in delay and he gets some cool droning layers going on. Overall it's really cool and you should check it out.

The Lagwagon live album is very cool too. Those guys are incredibly tight live. I've never seen them live, but now, I really want to. I don't even know that much of their stuff, but what I do know is on here and it's awesome. Truly more than just your average punk band. Their older stuff, like "Trashed" sounds like Iron Maiden with a different singer.

I'm not a huge VH fan, but I realized that I really love some of their stuff. For all of you die-hard VH fans, I'm more into Sammy. Dreams is a badass song!

Other notes

Today is the first day that I've bought a different brand of deodorant, other than Degree, in probably 15 or so years! I think that is kind of funny. But it always worked and recently I've been wanting to switch, but I haven't found anything. So, tonight I needed some and I was feeling thrifty. Speed Stick Pro Skin was on sale.

Gym and the likes

Well, I've kinda eased up a little on the intensity. I'm still losing weight. I think I'm officially a pound or so under 240 ( I was at or above 260 at the beginning of June). Weight is a tough measurement because its not all fat. I've gained a lot of muscle and clothes fit much nicer, and in some cases, they are now too big! But I've really recently gained an appreciation for running. I can really see how it could be addicting. I like doing it and I have been running around twice a week and totaling about 4-5 miles a week. And there is some thought process going on about getting into a 5k. We'll see about that.

So... leave me some comments and let me know what you'd like to hear about. Perhaps we can get into some guitar repair stuff or gear Q&A.

And here is your random picture, never before seen...

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