Wednesday, September 16, 2009

something i've never done before

So... I'm going to keep this short.

Usually when I go to the gym I ride the bike for 25 minutes and that usually ends up being around 340 calories and just over 7 miles. I haven't ran in a while because when I would, I couldn't sustain it for all that long and it almost felt torturous. I'm the guy that couldn't run a mile, non-stop, in middle school. I'm the guy that couldn't run a mile, non-stop, in high school. I'm the guy that could barely run a mile a year ago at the age of 28.

But last night all of that changed. I know you're supposed to mix up your cardio and not do the same one every day. So, last night I decided to run. And I thought, if I can burn at least the same amount of calories in the 25 minutes, I'll consider this an option for my cardio portion of my workout.

I started out doing a walk for a warm-up and checking my pulse to make sure that's getting up and going. After 3 minutes i turned it up to 4.8 and just did light run. I wasn' feeling tired at all and before you know it I have a mile down and I haven't stopped. I decided to increase the speed to 5. And then I'm realizing I'm going to need to go faster if I want to get in 2 miles before the 25 minutes is up. So, by the end of the 25 minute run I was well into the 6's, if not almost close to 7. But I did what I've never done before. I ran 2 miles. I ran 2 miles.

Whenever I would hear friends running for 3+ miles I would think, must be nice, I can't do that at all. I changed all that thought process in my head. I could have ran longer. I felt liberated. I also feel a little sore, but yeah, that'll happen if you're working out. I think I'll set the machine for a longer length of time on the next occasion I run. And the cool thing is that I burned 340 calories.

And all of this happened with a good playlist going on! (notice that they are in reverse order)

Helmet - Role Model Yesterday 10:16pm
Tom Petty - Don't Fade on Me Yesterday 10:13pm
King Crimson - People Yesterday 10:09pm
Slipknot - Sulfur Yesterday 10:03pm
All - Better Than That Yesterday 9:58pm
Deftones - MX Yesterday 9:56pm
Until June - What I've Done Yesterday 9:47pm
Sigur Rós - Festival Yesterday 9:44pm
Bon Iver - Re: Stacks Yesterday 9:20pm
Lovedrug - In Red Yesterday 9:13pm
Snow Patrol - Please Just Take These Photos From My Hands Yesterday 9:09pm
Wilco - Muzzle of Bees Yesterday 9:04pm
Helmet - Smart Yesterday 9:00pm
The Fire Theft - Uncle Mountain Yesterday 8:56pm

Random pic from my last Wisconsin trip.

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