Thursday, February 27, 2014

David Bazan - Eating Paper

Honestly, and to some oddly, I don't figure out how to play songs, whether it be saxophone, or guitar, for my own enjoyment. I guess I'm lazy. Or perhaps there is a movie or show to watch on Netflix.

Well, on my ride home last night, David Bazan's "Eating Paper" came on. It is such an excellent song. The way the guitar and bass work together to make these thicker chords is genius. And, of course, the organ helps out as well.

The song seems simple enough, but it was a little tricky. I kinda didn't get the bridge, but I got close enough.
Listen to the song and enjoy. I've included two live arrangements. AND if you don't already have the album that this is on, Strange Negotiations, I suggest you check it out. He has done a bunch of cool music since Pedro the Lion.

Enjoy. - jdm


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