Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Self - Control or Lack Thereof.... [lifehacker]

Over at Lifehacker is an excellent post on self-control. We all give in sometime, during the day, the week, the hour.

One of the reasons I stopped drinking soda and eating meat was a self-control game with myself. I loved playing those mind games with myself. The "not eating meat" stuck with me and became a way of life. I stopped drinking soda, with a few friends, for probably 6-8 years. It is do-able.

"The simplest way to get better at anything is to practice. As a weekly exercise, pick something you do in excess and stop for a week. Stop watching television, don't eat out, or keep technology out of the bedroom so you can sleep better.  "

Proceed to the article:
How Self-Control Works, and How to Boost Your Willpower by Better Understanding It


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