Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've Been Published as a Writer, Not Music (The Word Kind)

If you would have told me a year ago that this would happen to me, I wouldn't have believed you...

Everyone has a belief that they are good at this one thing, but they don't share this belief because they are too shy or they don't get the chance. I GOT THE CHANCE. And that "good" was recognized by Aleks.

I've always enjoyed writing and listening to music. I thought, "Wouldn't that be great, to write about music I enjoy, or artists that I admire." Late last year I heard they were putting altSCV together and I raised my hand. Aleks asked if I could write, and I said yes, only partly lying. I can write, but will it be good and will people want to read it?

I began to imagine who I would write about. I wanted it to be interesting. I started going down the list of my musician friends that definitely deserve recognition and compiled a list. My great friends, Readymade Breakup (@RMBU), were about to come out with a new record and thought this to be a perfect opportunity. Ask them.

I did, and they were excited. I was excited. I soon received a secret link to listen to their album in full. (It's an amazing record by the way.) I made my notes and began. After some writing and thinking and rewriting and re-listening, I got the courage to ask them for the interview. We chatted on the phone while GE cursed his damned Koi pond with his thick Jersey accent. They were swell fellows and divulged their secrets regarding inspiration through The Jersey Shore cast and entertainment through Chat Roulette. I thanked them and I compiled my notes from the interview and wrote some more. Eventually I was done and shared it with a few friends.

I thought it was good. Heck. I thought it was great. And I sent it off and I waited. I started contacting more friends and writing other interviews and sending them in as well.

Soon the first issue would be coming out. I was notified that my article would not be in it and I needed to edit it. WHAT?! I thought it was the Mona Lisa of writing. I loved it and it was perfect. Who was going to tell me that my stuff was not good enough for my first writing gig? Huh. Who? ...

Aleks. The same person that gave me the chance. The same person that asked if I could write.

I was a bit bummed. After a couple of days of sulking and seeing all of my writer friends enjoying their experienced being published in altSCV, I re-read my article and her comments. She was totally right.

I sat back down and listened to their record and fixed my mistakes. Then I thought. I hope this works, but if not, maybe I'm not a writer.

A couple of days went by and a got a reply from her. She said that it was 110% better and it was perfect and would be going in the next issue. I couldn't believe it. I told a few people, but I was still a little bit nervous that the world was going to see my brain's creation in print. This was a new thing for me.
I'm a musician. I write for your ears, not for your eyes.

I waited and waited some more. The next issue was not coming out for at least another week.

And now, I can stop waiting. Today, that wait was over.

A friend (Susan, aka @kungfupussy, writer extraordinaire) took a picture of my article in print and shared it with me online. If you live in Santa Clarita, altSCV should be readily available, and if not, just ask me and I'm sure I can get you a copy. If you don't live in, or near me, and would like a copy, just ask me and I will get you one.

Here it is...

And here is the latest video of RMBU. Their song, The Bravest Smile. Enjoy.

Bravest Smile from Readymade Breakup on Vimeo.
music video our friend jack shot -

Links in this article:

Thanks again to Aleks for giving me a chance, for liking my "good," and pushing me further.


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