Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last Dance With the Dinosaur

Well, I finally did it. I unlocked the shackles and found freedom. I got a smartphone. I know, it's crazy right? Both facts, the fact that I got one and the fact that I got one this late in the game.

This is the kind of reply I got from one person:
"It shocks me when someone doesn't have some sort of smartphone. How do u check your emails / fb / twitter / maps / etc?" - @onecrazyasian

Dinosaur.I did a lot through SMS messages. I posted to my blog, sent tweets, posted to facebook, got driving directions, checked my checking balance, and almost daily got the weather from google.

My first reaction to my new phone was kind of like a kid. I really didn't know where to start. After a few days I think I'm finally grasping it. The other day I found myself, after looking at my phone for like an hour, checking my computer to see if I had a new email or fb update. DUH! My phone would've told me already. And just yesterday I used it to view a PDF via email to price some new inventory that we got in at work. Normally I would have written down the prices on a post it after cross referencing the packing slip with the pricelist.

If you have any tips or apps that you'd like to share with me, I'd definitely take any suggestions. I've already found a bunch. The one thing I'm kinda lacking is a good "to-do list" app. I've used "Remember The Milk" for a long time on my PC here and at work and I love it, but call me cheap for right now. It's $25/year for the app.

Here is the new phone, and I'm loving it... EVO SHIFT 4G

I'll apologize in advance if I post too many pictures or do too much social media stuff. I may still be acting like a kid from how crazy cool this is.


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