Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday's Truths - The good, bad, the allergies.

OK, so I wasn't sure of what to write, so I thought I'd write the obvious ones that I overlook everyday, and things I've been told by my close friends.

  • I have allergies. I twitch, itch, scratch, rub my ears, rub my nose, rub my eyes, lick the roof of my mouth, and sniff my nose (even when there ain't crap in there). My lovely girlfriend gets annoyed by this. Because of all of this, I'm often touching my face or at least my head. She makes fun of me and mocks me. I don't realize I do it. To me it's like there's this internal itch that I'm trying scratch inside my head and there is no way to reach it. (and now that I've told her that she doesn't have to have a blogger account to reply to my blog posts, I'm sure she'll inject her $.02.)
  • I have a good sense of smell. I'm not sure that I have an excellent sense of smell, I think I can just get in touch with the verbal description of it. (this links up to the next truth...)
  • I am good at describing smells/tastes. Whatever it is, I can put words to it, and when I put words to it, you're going to know exactly what I mean. Seriously. I'm just talking about what it tastes like/smells like but you'll (just wiped my face) totally know what I mean.
  • I am good at analogies. I think I just don't stumble on descriptive words. I can describe a feeling or an emotion or just anything and have you get what I mean, in a colorful way. Eric thinks I'm amazing at this, but I think that is going a little overboard.

OK... so lovely friends... what are some of my other idiosyncrasies or nuances? Any comments on the above?

And here's a random picture -


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