Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tuesday's Truth: I've never had any broken bones... that I know of.

So yeah, I've never had any broken bones... that I know of.

I think I broke a toe once or twice, but they don't do anything for that and I think I knew that so I didn't do anything about it. The pain hurts, a lot, but you just learn to deal with it and eventually it doesn't hurt anymore, but I never got it x-rayed.


Maybe it wasn't broken.... and I raced motorcycles as a kid from the age of 5-8. I have like 20-30 trophies and various plaques to prove it. How did I not break anything then?

I did have a severely sprained ankle that was swollen and because of this I missed playing football in high school. The coaches thought I was a wimp. I really couldn't walk on it. I could barely put a shoe on. It was purple and green. (No google image because I searched and they just look plain nasty. If you wanna google sprained ankle, go for it.)

I did have spinal meningitis when I was around 5 or 6. Everytime I tell people that, they freak out. I had no idea what was wrong with me or how severe, and I still can't totally grasp it. I was lucky I guess. I missed the first week of kindergarten. I got to spend time in the children's wing of the hospital. I got spinal taps, yay!

This whole blog started when I was thinking sharing the fact that a curling iron fell on my foot when I was really young. My dad was suppose to be watching me. It was on. It was hot. I have a scar that looks like a hot dog on my right foot. But my digital camera couldn't capture the beauty in this, that and I can't find the cable to hook the damn thing up to my computer.

Maybe one of these days I share the "stupid things I've done" and we all have a laugh.

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