Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's Truth

So, I have a couple of friends that have piqued my interest with their "Tuesday's Truth" blog writings. Check them out: L.A. Birdie's Laugh @ Life & The Tatamimat 3.0.

So here goes my truth..

I love TV shows about homes. I'm currently watching HGTV. I love Holmes on Homes, If These Walls Could Talk, etc. Extreme Makeover Home Edition is a different breed. That show just pulls at my heart strings.

I'm not sure why I do. I remember as a kid watching Bob Vila on "This Old House." I think I might even have watched "The New Yankee Workshop."


I think I just have something for the before & after shows. Some of my friends think it's a fondness for reality TV, but I really just like the renovation/reformation/rebirth type process. I'm a big fan of "What Not to Wear" and I may even have a little crush on Stacy London. I also like the shows where they restore cars. I'll even watch the messy house shows and sometimes "Hoarders". The latter can get a bit disgusting and sad, and that can be uncomfortable. I just like seeing how the house will look when it's done.

I'm not sure what started this all. Do I have a problem? Nah. Time to check and see whats on TLC, Discovery, or HGTV.

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