Monday, May 17, 2010

Friends & Coffee

(Written 5/12/10)

Ok, so today started off a little rough because of not enough sleep, but it got awesome... pretty damn quick.

Mitch (Newhall Coffee) invited a bunch of people over to kinda groundbreak the new "Mitch's Java 'n Jazz". He needed a tasting room so he built it and plans to host events there once or twice a month. And he plans on having live music too. That'll be awesome.

Anyhow... the coffee was flowing and tasting waaaaay good. It took away the aches and pains of not enough sleep. Renee even brought some donuts! It was great to chat and network a little. I even met some new people like Darryl from Red Brick Properties. He's a super cool dude. It felt like I've known him for a while. I also met some people, in person, for the first time, like Cristen and Renee.

Here's a couple of photos today, courtesy of Mitch.

Friends hanging out! Maggie & Susan on the comfy couch.

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