Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lack of Attention PT 2

So... onward with this exciting tale of heroism and testosterone.

Its 2 days later. I didn't feel like going back the very next day. I wanted to take a day off from B.S. So, I head in around 10:00 AM feeling I should be out of there by or around 12:00. PM. FIRST MISTAKE. By the end of the day I learned that if you are not there before 11:00 AM, you will not get seen before they close. Yes, before they close. And they don't close early. They close at 4:15 P.M. A reasonable time if they open at 8:30 A.M.

How can this be? How can it take ALL day to get this straightened out? Well Junior, there is only one lady. And she was really nice to me, but I've heard she is not so nice. But she deals with EVERY community service applicant. There is no dead time, except for the time where she takes a lunch break. Aside from that, I don't think I saw her leave her office to use the restroom. This lady should definitely get a raise. The hardest working employee at the Santa Clarita Courthouse BY FAR!

Anyhow, everybody gets approximately 20 minutes with her. So, when I got there I was way down the list. I sat for a couple of hours and played some solitaire on the ipod and read a magazine. And texting my friends and my lady the funny things happening throughout the morning.

Then, the lady took a lunch break. So did I. I went to work. I worked a little and ate something and hung out for a little while. I was told that the lady takes about an hour lunch so I figured that I have that at least. But I also decided to hang out just a little bit longer to kill some more time.

My plan worked. I got back and only had to sit for another hour or so. It turns out that not everyone comes back after lunch to wait and that allowed them to skip some people.

My turn. She interviews me and gives me 2 options. Santa Clarita Community Center or Parks Department. Hmmmmm.... I'm too wimpy for Parks Department, and I'm betting they don't allow partial work days, which I'm going to need if I want to knock this one out ASAP and still maintain my my full time PAID job. I pick the Santa Clarita Community Center.

This decision has changed me and left a mark on my soul. Stay tuned for how it did just that.


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