Thursday, August 20, 2009

so here it is

so here it is...

Just in case you didn't know, the rest of the staff at my work, is a family. And families do things like take vacations. Well... they are on one right now. They're on a cruise in the Caribbean. They're safe, as far as I know, but more importantly, they're not HERE. I am running the shop with my two trusty co-workers Dan & Gary. Gary normally works part-time a few nights a week and he has worked retail before, so that's no big deal. And Dan has helped out before and knows enough to be dangerous. Right now = so far, so good. The tough things are all the little things that I know and do on a daily basis. And I really have to remember to delegate. My body just kicks in to do it on my own, and I feel bad telling them what to do sometimes.
Anyhow... enough about work... except... Go to our twitter page and our facebook page.
So... music...
I've been digging lately, the following things:
... of the above, my favorite that is sticking right now is the Phoenix album. It's pretty indie and organic, but the instrumentation is great, Their songs can be basic, but still have this intensity. I highly recommend them. There is a track on that album that is called "Love Like a Sunset". That is probably my favorite, although it is a bit too long and intense to listen passively. It reminds me of something Trent would do.
... and about Sly. I'm sorry for just getting into him now. I was watching the Woodstock special on VH1 and their performance of "Take Me Higher" was so damn cool. I had to find them and listen to more. If you really don't know them, do yourself a favor and take a trip back in time to one of the grooviest and coolest groups.
So... gym/eating healthy...
I'm really trying to eat the 6 smaller meals a day. So I'll have cereal, and then a couple of hours later I'll have some fruit and some carrots, and then a couple of hours later I'll have a wrap with a vegan pattie in it or some fake meat and lettuce and mustard,... and I'll repeat the fruit and wrap thing throughout the day every couple of hours eating. Also... drinking water. As I sit here and type this I'm almost done with my 3rd refill of my Klean Kanteen, which equals 120 ozs total. This doesn't count the water consumed at the gym. I feel a little drained, so maybe I need to add something else to the mix. I'm eating enough protein and getting the fruits and the vegetables in. Perhaps, I'm not eating enough calories. Also, I'm well aware that it is 1:11 AM right now. I should be going to bed.
So the workout went well tonight. I did 25 mins on the bike and that got me about 7.5 miles and 296 calories. I did upper body tonight and my usual ab crunches. I did 3 cycles of probably 5-6 machines. I did a few various chest machines, some row machines, biceps, triceps (free weights). Even though I took a couple of weeks off, I feel like I didn't miss anything. My shoulder press has increased, my vertical chest press has increased, etc. I feel good. Today was my 3rd day in a row, and I'm definitely going tomorrow.
I miss Angel and I can't wait to see her on Saturday. I can't wait for my co-workers to come back either.


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